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Demand in West Africa

Main import items of West African countries:
- Food products;
- Chemical products;
- Manufactured goods;
- Machinery and transport equipment.

In 2015 volume of imports of these goods amounted (at current prices, UNCTAD):
- Food – 15 billion dollars,
- Chemical products – 11 billion dollars,
- Manufactured goods – 23 billion dollars,
- Machinery and transport equipment – 32 billion dollars.
In addition, in West African countries building of the infrastructure of industrial, social, tourist and other complexes, as well as various types of roads is carried on actively for the development of economic activities.

Big demand for food, chemical and industrial products, machinery and transport equipment in West Africa countries indicates that there is the reasonability for entering on their markets.

West African market is quite capacious -
The population in this region is about 373 million people (2017, UNCTAD).