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Togolese Republic

Togo location

Official language – French
From the 11th to the 16th century, various tribes entered the region from all directions. From the 16th century to the 18th century, the coastal region was a major trading centre for Europeans in search of slaves, earning Togo and the surrounding region the name "The Slave Coast". In 1884, Germany declared Togoland a protectorate. After World War I, rule over Togo was transferred to France. Togo gained its independence from France in 1960
Capital – Lomé
National holiday – Independence Day, 27 April (1960) (from French-administered UN trusteeship)
Government type – republic

Border countries: Ghana (in the west), Benin (in the east), Burkina Faso (in the north). It extends south to the Gulf of Guinea, where the capital Lomé is located.

Area – 56,785 sq km
Natural resources: phosphates, limestone, marble, arable land

Population – 8,3 mln (2020, UNCTAD)
In Togo, there are about 40 different ethnic groups, the most numerous of which are the Ewe in the south who make up 32% of the population. Along the southern coastline they account for 21% of the population. Also found are Kotokoli or Tem and Tchamba in the center and the Kabye people in the north (22%). The Ouatchis are 14% of the population. Sometimes the Ewes and Ouatchis are considered the same, but the French who studied both groups considered them different people. Other Ethnic groups include the Mina, Mossi, and Aja people (about 8%). There is also a European and Syrian-Lebanese population who make up less than 1%.
French is the official language of Togo and is the language of commerce. The many indigenous African languages spoken by Togolese include: Gbe languages such as Ewe and Mina (the two major African languages in the south), Kabiyé (in the north), as well as Kotokoli or Tem, Aja, Akessele, Bassar, Losso, and others.
Most of the population (65%) live in rural villages dedicated to agriculture or pastures.

Approximately 51% of the population has indigenous beliefs, 29% is Christian, and 20% Muslim.

Calling code: 228