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Projects of the World Bank in West African Countries

To participate in tenders, applications can be submitted by companies that meet the criteria specified in the description of each project

Agriculture: Increasing Productivity and Diversification
Water supply system in small towns
Cross Border Tourism
Food Health Nutrition

Burkina Faso
Modernization of the transport sector
Development of urban infrastructure
Reproductive health
Support of local communal forestry
Educational project: providing access to education and improving the quality of education

Cabo Verde
Reform of the transport sector
Competitiveness for the development of tourism
Solar energy distribution system
Road development
Poverty reduction

Infrastructure for urban development and the competitiveness of secondary cities
Electricity: transmission and access
Provision of water in cities
Transport Sector Modernization and Corridor Trade Facilitation
Strengthening the health system
Workplaces for young people and development of professional skills
Agricultural Sector Support

Gambia, The
Maternal and Child Nutrition
Results for Education Achievement and Development
Electricity Support
Commercial Agriculture and Value Chain Management
Emergency Agricultural Production Support

Transport Sector Improvement
Financing for Sustainable Land and Water Management
Climate Innovation Centre
Financing for Energy Development and Access
Financing for Oli and Gas capacity Building

Village Community Support
Rural Roads Emergency Improvements
Primary Health Services Improvements
Agricultural Support
Mineral Governance Support

Emergency Water and Electricity Services
Private Sector Rehabilitation and Agribusiness Development
Promotion of Social Biofuels

Road Asset Management
Health systems Strengthening
West Africa Regional Fisheries Program

Rural Electrification Program
Support to Agroindustrial Competitiveness
Urban Water Supply

Fiscal and Private Sector Participation Reforms
Nouadhibou Eco-Seafood Cluster
Sustainable Landscape Management Project under the Sahel and West Africa Program (SAWAP)

Solar Electricity Access
Urban Water and Sanitation Project
Climate Smart Agriculture Support

Mineral Sector Support for Economic Diversification
Agro-Processing, Productivity Enhancement and livelihood Improvement Support
Community and Social Development

Dakar Bus Rapid Transit Pilot Project
Tourism and Enterprise Development
Rural Electrification

Sierra Leone
Health Service Delivery and System Support Project
Smallholder Commercialization and Agribusiness Development
Energy Access Project – Infrastructure Development Fund

Trade and Logistic Services Competitiveness
Mining Governance and Development
Community Development and Safety Nets