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Togolese parliament adopts treaties that bring the country closer to the Single African Air Transport Markert (SAATM)

During their most recent session on October 1, 2019, Togolese deputies discussed security issues impairing air transport and services, as well as the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM).
The parliamentarians adopted two ratification projects. The first is the protocol to amend the convention on offenses and certain other acts committed on board an aircraft (Montreal, April 4, 2014), to boost the security and safety of planes, passengers and goods. The second is the agreement between Togo and the Saudi kingdom, relative to air services, signed on February 24, 2016, in Jeddah. This agreement, according to officials, falls under the PND and paves the way for economic exchanges between the two partners.
Also, the parliament adopted a project for the adhesion of Togo to the constitution of the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) adopted on December 16, 2009, in Dakar, Senegal.
According to Tsègan Djigbodi, President of the National Assembly, the adoption of these projects (unanimously) "will ease the operationalization of the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM)."
The Single African Air Transport Market Agreement was adopted in January 2018 by 23 member-states of the African Union: Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Congo, Côte-d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Eswatini (former Swaziland), Togo, Zimbabwe.
Let's note that the minister of transport, Zouhératou Tchakondoh-Kassah Traoré, and the MD of the national agency for civil aviation (ANAC), Gnama Latta Dokissime, were at the recent session.